Coaching Kaunas to put creativity and cooperation at the heart of the city's cultural strategy

Early December a group of four Culture for Cities and Regions coaches, including peers from Birmingham and Lisbon, visited Kaunas to help the city deal with two main issues: improve cooperation between Kaunas City and Kaunas District; and valorise the modernist heritage of the city. The city is shortlisted to become European Capital of Culture in 2022. The current period therefore represents for Kaunas a unique opportunity to use creativity as a local driver for action and to develop a clear long term cultural vision.


 Cultural heritage

Whilst cultural heritage has been defined as something inherited from the past, it is in many ways a contemporary and “living” cultural resource in Europe. 
 Cultural and creative industries

The economic contribution of the cultural and creative sector (CCS) in the European Union in general and to regional development in particular is widely acknowledged.
 Culture for social inclusion

Culture-led development strategies have direct and indirect impacts on social inclusion, social innovation and intercultural dialogue.