Cultural heritage empowers cities and regions to strengthen their cultural heritage policies and initiatives as well as develop innovative solutions to preserve cultural heritage assets.


Following an open call for contribution launched in February 2020, 32 local and regional practices were selected to be featured in a European catalogue of good practices. The featured practices are policies, projects, events or organisational structures developed by local and regional authorities.


They are implemented by local/regional authorities themselves or by other local stakeholders and:

  • are innovative
  • are inspiring for other cities and regions
  • have a real impact on the ground

We are proud to present this catalogue of inspiring stories focusing on three main topics that are interlinked: Participatory governance of cultural heritage; Adaptive reuse of built heritage; Quality of interventions on cultural heritage.


You can either read the online version of the catalogue here download it hereor check each good practice individually.

Enjoy this reading and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question

BLAJ Blaj cultural palace - From ashes to cultural hub  Download
BOLOGNA A new life for piazza Rossini - From a parking lot to a pedestrian green space  Download
BUDAPEST Budapest 100 community festival - Exploring built heritage to strengthen communities  Download
CANTABRIA REGION Domus Dei to domus populi - 1000-year-old church is new centre for cultural life  Download
CENTRAL DENMARK REGION STOL the chair project - Reviving traditional crafts for local development  Download
DAUGAVPILS Regeneration of Daugavpils fortress- Revitalising an unattractive urban area  Download
DEN BOSCH Bulwark heritage centre - From former city gate into a new public space  Download
DUBLIN Conserving story, history and architecture - Discovering 300 years of history within four walls  Download
GHENT Circuskerk - Circus and activities for young people at risk  Download
GLASGOWCENTRAL SCOTLAND REGION Rediscovering the Antonine wall - World Heritage for community development  Download
GORENJSKA REGION Name it in Slovenian - Cross-border collaboration and citizens engagement to preserve traditional house and field names  Download
HERMOUPOLIS 100 buildings 100 stories - Digital tools spark community engagement  Download
KORTRIJK Emma the small giant - Old tradition reinvented: a giant step for participation and inclusion  Download
LEUVEN OPEK public depot for the arts - From ashes to cultural hub  Download
LODZ Historic townhouse home for young and old - Turning heritage into open, socially mixed, intergenerational co-housing  Download
MORAVIAN SILESIAN REGION Dolní Vítkovice - From production of steel to production of culture and creativity  Download
NANTES Nantes Patrimonia - A digital platform for discovery and expression of heritage  Download
OBERHAUSEN Water tower quenches cultural thirst - Transforming a water tower into a collaborative artist and event space and an urban and cultural laboratory  Download
PLOVDIV Kapana creative district - Old tradition reinvented: a giant step for participation and inclusion  Download
REGGIO EMILIA Open hub in the ancient Sant Peters cloisters - Cultural heritage supporting social innovation and urban digital transformation  Download
ROEMERLAND CARNUNTUM REGION Pactum of Römerland Carnuntum - Guidelines for sustainable habitat development  Download
ROTTERDAM Archive for an inclusive city - Crowdsourcing intangible heritage  Download
SAAREMAA Song and dance celebrations - A repository of living traditions  Download
SENIA Oil and ancient olive trees - An engine for sustainable development  Download
SIBENIK Revitalisation of Sibenik 's fortresses - Transforming fortresses into a major cultural hotspot  Download
SINTRA Parks of Sintra welcome better - Innovative solutions to balance conservation and accessibility of heritage sites  Download
TAMPERE Adopt a monument - Inclusive cultural heritage for and with the people!  Download
THE 3 CITIES MALTA Dock1 regeneration project - Exploring the built heritage to strengthen communities  Download
VAL GRANDE NATIONAL PARK Commonlands - Cultural community mapping in alpine areas  Download
VALETTA Restore don't replace - Collaborating to save timber balconies and the traditional craftsmanship  Download
VANTAA Cultural environment programme - Participatory, cross-sectorial preservation of cultural and natural heritage  Download
WEINVIERTEL OST REGION Topotheque - Community-driven online archive anchored in regions  Download