Culture for Cities and Regions’ last coaching visit paved the way for Creative Belfast



The last coaching visit of the Culture for Cities and Regions programme took place in June in Belfast. The team of coaches visited Belfast to help the city strengthen its cultural sector and infrastructure. The visit focussed on Northern Ireland’s regional cultural strategies, bearing in mind the uncertainty of public funding and shrinking resources. The visit addressed three main questions:

  • How can the economic and social value of culture be proven ?
  • Would a cultural organisation or company such as ‘Creative Belfast’ be useful in that context?
  • What would be the framework and roadmap for such a structure?

The visiting team included KEA European Affairs director Philippe Kern, University of Valencia professor Pau Rausell-Köster, head of the department of cultural affairs of the city of Dortmund Kurt Eichler and co-founding director of Creative Dundee Gillian Easson.

The overall aim of the coaching visit was to help the city of Belfast reflect on its administrative and political organisation, make the most of its local culture resources and become a driver of economic and social development in the city by formulating concrete strategic actions. Belfast wishes to make its cultural assets a key driver of its development policy and has political support for this objective. The city and Northern Irish administration work hand-in-hand with the operators, creative community, businesses and citizens – who are all ready to contribute.


The coaching visit report is available here.


Photo credits: Visit Belfast