Culture for Cities and Regions final event in Ghent



The Culture for Cities and Regions final event will take place alongside the EUROCITIES culture forum in Ghent on 25 October 2017. The event will focus on the findings of Culture for Cities and Regions and will be an opportunity for members and external cities and regions to learn from each other and from experts. Invited representatives from the European institutions, other cultural networks and EU-funded projects will provide an opportunity to connect initiatives and strategies.

Four capacity-building workshops will focus on concrete tools and practices developed by cities and regions and their replicability to other contexts. Mainstreamed questions will focus on: impacts, transferability, governance, evaluation and monitoring tools, and cities’ attractiveness. Experts will provide guidance and recommendations according to their own experience and what they have seen during Culture for Cities and Regions. Representatives from European institutions and other EU-funded projects are kindly invited to attend. Workshops will kick-off with a short ice-breaker to facilitate peer learning.

The capacity-building workshops will focus on:

- Access to culture in neighbourhoods
- Local innovative financing scheme for culture
- New uses for old spaces
- Local authorities’ support to creative entrepreneurship


More information and registration link will be available soon.