URBACT Good Practice Call now open!


As proven through the Culture for Cities and Regions experience, where cities and regions have been truly enthusiastic participants and beneficiaries, the appetite for sharing effective urban solutions is growing. Cities face ever increasing urban challenges linked to demographic change, climate and environmental targets, unemployment and urban poverty to name but a few. Urban practitioners are all seeking practices which are relevant to overcome these barriers. Cities need EU-wide peer learning schemes that allow them to hear about one another’s work and meet for regular exchanges.

In early December, URBACT launched a call for Good Practices, inviting European cities to put forward their most effective examples. The call remains open until 31 March.

What is a good practice?

A good practice, as understood in URBACT, is not only a practice that is good, but a practice that has been proven to work well by ensuring desired results, and could be recommended as a model. It is a successful experience, which has been tested and validated, and deserves to be shared so that a greater number of cities can adopt it.
Practices should address issues which are widely faced by European cities and offer some clear and concrete solutions. There are no defined themes for an URBACT Good Practice. They can range from urban mobility to migrants from air quality to jobs and skills … and of course smart investment in culture at local level!

Why apply?

This call invites cities to come forward with good practices in the field of sustainable integrated urban development to be part of the pioneering group of URBACT Good Practices to be widely promoted at EU and international level. All the cities with selected good practices will be awarded the title URBACT Good Practice City. The label will provide cities with the recognition and visibility it deserves for the results accomplished.

Furthermore, a specially conceived mix of communication and promotional activities will be put in place to promote the label, your city’s practice and the story that lies behind it.

A labelled city will be able to share the Good Practice within the framework of a Transfer Network (call to be published in September 2017). This will not only allow you to lead and mentor the process of understanding and reusing your practice, but also to better refine and improve it by using an in-depth peer-review methodology.

For more information on URBACT Good practice call, listen to this EUROCITIES webinar and read the call's terms of references (including the template for the online application form). The call is open until 31 March.