Inclusive cultural heritage for and with people in Tampere

Adopt a Monument is a grassroots project facilitated by the Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum in the city of Tampere. The project encourages citizens to ‘adopt’ monuments of cultural and historical significance in their environment, to care for them and return them to use.


Open doors in Budapest

“People had many, many questions because they see a lot of interesting things. Some people like the flowers in my home, others like the pictures, I have a big music collection.” Says 74-year-old Mihály Fekete. His Bauhaus villa in Budapest has long drawn the attention of global aesthetes, including Steven Spielberg, but now, thanks to Budapest100, it’s open to everyone.


Participation and co-creation through culture in Kortrijk

Co-creation and participatory activities are now integral part of cities’ local cultural policies and are increasingly being implemented. These processes illustrate how art and cultural heritage can be a driver for change in society, how art and cultural heritage have the power to address social issues and challenges; they were the focus of an online peer-learning visit hosted by Kortrijk in April.