Excellence in local community engagement: 14 Henrietta Street Museum in Dublin

14 Henrietta Street Museum in Dublin was recently awarded the prestigious Silletto prize 2020 for its excellence in engaging with local communities, planning and developing heritage projects.


By recording oral histories, 14 Henrietta Street preserves and interprets the memories of the building and its inhabitants.  In each corner of the building a visitor may find everyday stories, personal experiences and objects of former residents.

The house at 14 Henrietta Street is one of those places in which we wish the walls could talk and precisely that was the intention of Dublin Culture Company when the museum was developed.

The people-centred approach of 14 Henrietta Street is an inspiration and an extraordinary example of how we remain connected to our own communities through cultural heritage.

14 Henrietta Street is one of the Good Practices of Cultural Heritage in Action catalogue.