How to develop a local cultural environment programme? Learning from the city of Vantaa

Vantaa’s Cultural Environment Programme was presented during an online Cultural heritage in Action peer-learning visit on 22-26 March.


A growing and dynamic city near Helsinki, Vantaa will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024. Due to its rapid growth, the preservation of Vantaa’s multi-layered cultural environments (including landscapes, archaeological sites, built and intangible heritage) is strategically important to promote sustainable development, improve people’s quality of life and reinforce social and cultural cohesion.

Vantaa’s new Cultural Environment Programme was co-designed with more than 100 city officials and 3,000 residents. This ensured locals’ ownership of the new programme and enhanced their commitment towards shared goals and actions. The cross-sectorial approach mainstreamed heritage and environment in different policy areas (e.g. education, culture, real estate, tourism, entrepreneurship).

How was this done in practice? The response is in this video

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