Registration open ! Culture for Cities and Regions final event in Ghent

The Culture for Cities and Regions final event will take place alongside the EUROCITIES culture forum in Ghent on 25 October 2017. The event will focus on the findings of Culture for Cities and Regions and will be an opportunity for members and external cities and regions to learn from each other and from experts. Invited representatives from the European institutions, other cultural networks and EU-funded projects will provide an opportunity to connect initiatives and strategies.


Save your heritage ! Community Involvement in Heritage Management – a guidebook.

Based on the OWHC Regional Conference “Heritage and Community Involvement” in 2016 and practice examples from OWHC cities and Culture for Cities and Regions, this guidebook presents an introduction to Community Involvement in Heritage Management, including interesting practices of community involvement in cities.


Coaching visits opened ‘a space for dialogue’ in host cities, say city coaches

As the coaching visits came to an end, we wanted to hear from them on how they think the coaching process was useful for host cities and regions, and what they themselves learned while taking part in these visits.