First task in the course of the project, the catalogue of 70 practices aims to show how culture-related policies can have an impact on local/regional development.

The main objectives of the catalogue are to identify 70 practices related to urban and regional development through culture covering three dimensions:

  • Cultural heritage as a driver of economic growth and social inclusion

  • Culture and creative industries as a motor for urban regeneration and economic vitality

  • Culture for social inclusion, social innovation and intercultural dialogue

This analytical catalogue will help local and regional authorities to better understand what the dynamics of culture investment initiatives are and how those have been implemented.

The catalogue will also foster the exchange of information, and promote peer-to-peer learning, to help local and regional authorities understand and make more of the positive impacts which investment in culture can have on economic development, social cohesion and urban regeneration.

Finally, the catalogue will help identify cities and regions with interesting practices to share and exchange about during the study visits that will start in summer 2015.