The consortium selected 10 cities among those that have taken part in the visits for an intensive follow-up and customised coaching. The aim is to help them transfer the good practices they identified during a study visit as interesting and potentially transferable in their city or region.

Our understanding of coaching

One of the key objectives of the project is to ensure transferability of results and long time results and impacts in cities of regions. The visit is not just ‘fact-finding’. We see a coaching visit as a catalyst for change and as a unique opportunity for cities and regions to benefit from expertise, targeted advice and recommendations. A visit by an international team may also help to change attitudes to the challenges highlighted by the visited city or region, both within its authority and among stakeholders.

Objectives of the coaching visits

Coaching visits are meant to assist with the process of sharing experiences and knowledge and exchanging good practices between cities.
Through the coaching visits we aim to ensure the following concrete impacts:

  • Make sure that selected cities and regions that have attended visits in other cities or regions benefit from expert guidance that is adapted to their local or regional contexts and specificities

  • Develop specific recommendations that are custom made to participating cities and regions. Such recommendations can then be used by cities and regions to develop strategic documents (e.g. actions plans, roadmaps) and implement policies

  • Develop long term networking and trust between cities and regions and with experts.

The ten cities and regions selected to benefit from coaching are: Bratislava, Kaunas, Kalamata, Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Angers, Loulé, Chemnitz, Lublin, and Oulu.

On this page you can find all related information on coaching and useful documents to download:

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Coaching visit 05 - Chemnitz  Download
Coaching visit 06 - Loulé  Download
Coaching visit 07 - Lublin  Download
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Coaching visit 09 - Oulu  Download
Coaching visit 10 - Belfast  Download
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