On this page you can find all useful documents regarding the study visit in Helsinki and Espoo.


You can download all photos of graphic recording made by Siiri Taimla from here. You can also find photos she took from different visits from the same album. She also uploaded photos to her Facebook page.

   Culture for cities and regions - SV HE - Local context and policies 3.4.pdf download/preview this file
   Culture for cities and regions - SV HE - detailed agenda.pdf download/preview this file
   Culture for cities and regions - SV HE - List of participants and experts_10032016.pdf download/preview this file
   Culture for cities and regions - SV HE - Practical information _3.3.pdf download/preview this file
   Helsinki map 15.-16.3.jpg download/preview this file
   Cities_and_regions_esitys_Sellosali.pdf download/preview this file
   EMMA.pdf download/preview this file
   Espoo Cine FF 14.3.2016.pdf download/preview this file
   Introduction to the Finnish Education System_Anna (1).pptx download/preview this file
   Kaisan esitys 14.3.16.pptx download/preview this file
   KULPS_palveluntarjoajat.pdf download/preview this file
   Susanna Tommila_14032016.pdf download/preview this file
   WeeGee_palveluntarjoajista.pptx download/preview this file
   Annantalo Arts Center Eurocities study visit 2016.ppt download/preview this file
   Study visit report_Helsinki-Espoo_15042016.pdf download/preview this file