Coaching visit in Kaunas - Valorising local cultural heritage


In December 2016, Kaunas hosted the second visit by a Culture for Cities and Regions coaching team. Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and one of the best European cities for art deco design. Kaunas is also shortlisted to become Lithuania European Capital of Culture in 2022.

The city welcomed experts from EUROCITIES, Berlin, Birmingham, and Lisbon. Kaunas identified coaching needs around two issues:

1. Communications
- Developing effective communication between Kaunas City and Kaunas District
- Need to develop efficient communication model among cultural institutions to unlock the potential of culture in the city area

2. Valorisation of the local cultural heritage
- New ways to protect and use heritage buildings
- Strategic decision making and governance with relevant stakeholders


In light of the above, the coaching team helped the city make the current preparation of both a local cultural strategy and the ECoC bid a unique opportunity to use creativity as a local driver for action and develop a clear long term cultural vision; consider ways to improve partnerships and communication between the municipality levels and the various local cultural stakeholders; and helped the city find keys to use its rich architectural heritage as a driver for local development and attractiveness. 


Find on this page the documents related to the coaching visit, including the recommendations from the coaching team to the City of Kaunas.

   Culture for cities and regions - WD01 Needs assessment - Kaunas_25102016.pdf download/preview this file
   Culture for cities and regions - WD02 Reflective analysis - Kaunas_30112016.pdf download/preview this file
   Culture for cities and regions - WD03 Recommendations - Kaunas_06022017.pdf download/preview this file
   Kaunas_2022_ECoC_pre-selection_bid.pdf download/preview this file
   Kaunas - Cultural heritage policies.ppt download/preview this file
   KAUNAS - General presentation and cultural policies.pptx download/preview this file