Coaching visit in Lublin: focusing on audience development & monitoring and evaluation tools


The city of Lublin has identified two clear coaching needs:

1. On developing audiences:
- Making sure cultural programmes and events are attractive and respond to the local population’s needs
- Making sure all locals have access to culture and raising their interest for culture
- Improving communication on local cultural events, both in Lublin and outside

2. On monitoring and evaluating cultural policies and actions:
- Developing tools to monitor and evaluate local cultural policies and activities

The coaching team also identified a cross-cutting issue that should be kept in mind during the coaching visit: how could Lublin ‘use’ culture as to improve its attractiveness (and thereby encourage young graduates to stay in Lublin after their studies) and its image at national and international levels? 


Find on this page the documents related to the coaching visit, including the recommendations from the coaching team to the City of Lublin.

   CCRCoachingWD01NeedsassessmentLublin.pdf download/preview this file
   CCRCoachingWD02ReflectiveanalysisLublin.pdf download/preview this file
   CCRCoachingWD03AgendaLublin08052017.pdf download/preview this file
   20170628CCRCoachingRecommendationsandroadmapLublin.pdf download/preview this file