Study visits' reports




  • - Nantes - Island of Nantes: urban regeneration through cultural and creative industries

  • - Wallonia - Creative Wallonia: creativity as an engine of economic and societal transformation across a whole region

  • - Nord-Pas de Calais - Euralens: smart specialisation through industrial heritage

  • - Bologna - IncrediBol!: supporting creative entrepreneurship

  • - Dundee - Creative industries: support for growth: establishing a sustainable local creative sector

  • - Birmingham - Culture on your doorstep: access to culture in neighbourhoods

  • - North Portugal - ADDICT: a regional creative industries cluster and network to broker cooperation and partnerships

  • - Helsinki-Espoo - Culture education for children and youth

  • - Lodzkie - regional strategy: cultural development and social revitalisation through culture

  • - Sofia - Fund for innovations in culture: public-private partnerships and new resources for culture

  • - Antwerp - Red Star Line Museum: culture for intercultural dialogue, focus on heritage of migration

  • - Aarhus - City of Museums: new roles of museums and libraries to boost attractiveness and foster social inclusion

  • - Barcelona - Art factories programme: old industial spaces, new cultural uses

  • - Regensburg - World Heritage Management Plan: managing large-scale heritage sites in city centres

  • - Vilnius - Platform for cultural and social innovation in block-of-flats districts


Download the reports:

   Study visit report Nantes-sept.15.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Wallonia-oct.15.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Nord Pas de Calais-oct.15.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Bologna-oct.15.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Dundee-nov.15.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Birmingham-feb.16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Northern Portugal-feb.15.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Helsinki-Espoo-march16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Lodzkie-march16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Sofia-april16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Antwerp-april16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Aarhus-may.16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Barcelona-may.16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Regensburg-june16.pdf download/preview this file
   Study visit report Vilnius-june16.pdf download/preview this file